Compex 3 Professional en

Integrated electrotherapy and proposed treatments combining for a range of rehabilitation techniques and stimulation therapy. With Compex 3, this approach was taken one step further.

Main features:

  • Software, docking station and stimulator: To prepare and manage your daily treatment plans and monitor each individual patient, a patient interface establishes a link between your computer and Compex 3 by means of a docking station and a USB connection. The software features were designed with and for therapists: Compex 3 is a tool reserved for health care professionals
  • Preset treatment programs: for muscular rehabilitation, pain relief, denervated muscles, hyperhidrosis and Iontophoresis as well as oedemas.
  • Programmable: Create and personalize programs, in order to customize the parameters specific to patients.
  • Mi-Technology with four Mi-Sensors included in the kit: Mi-Scan, Mi-Action, Mi-Tens and Mi-Range.
  • Ti-Tens: Sensitivity is assessed Compex 3 helps you to determine the sensitivity level before starting a Gate control stimulation type session, tailored to each patient.
  • Denervated treatments: Use your Compex 3 to determine whether denervation is total or partial. For a partial denervation Compex 3 performs an automatic ramp search. Iontophoresis: Available on one channel. Automatically calculates the advised electrical density.
  • Organize your treatments:
    • By creating a list of patients on your computer
    • By assigning personalized treatments
    • By transferring the list of patients to your Compex 3
    • By updating your list at any time 
  • History/Archiving: store information in the form of patient files.
  • Synchronizing: Exchange user data and treatment plans between Compex 3 and your computer in seconds .

Other features:

  • Tools: Compex 3 comes with a user Guide, practical guide and an electrode placement booklet.
  • You have access to all the tools plus a video which shows all electrode placements in the software.
  • Motor point pen: Included in the kit. This very useful tool together with the dedicated program, helps ensure the optimal electrode placement.
  • Statistic mode provides you with useful information after a stimulation session like: Numbers of contractions and total contraction time, max stimulation energy level for contraction/channel, average stimulation energy level for all channels in use.
  • Available in ten languages: EN, FR, GE, SP, IT, SE, NL, PT, TU, GR

Technical features:

  • Back lit , graphic, pixel based display
  • Rechargeable battery: with the recharger included in the kit, a full cycle of recharging will take a maximum of 2.5 hours.
  • IPS (Independent Protection System) is implemented to survey all pulses generated from the 4 channels. If the energy is sent out in an unwanted way, the protection system immediately stops any transfer of energy and turns off the device.

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