Thera-Trainer-E-Go-526 device

THERA-Trainer E-go 526

The THERA-Trainer e-go is suitable for all patients who are able to stand on the floor in a safe environment. The THERA-Trainer e-go is the perfect exercise partner from the first steps all the way to endurance gait training. The THERA-Trainer e-go doesn't care whether you do your exercises in a gym, in a hallway at least 3 m wide, or in a special gait training facility – it turns on the spot. 

Secured at the Centre of Gravity

The THERA-Trainer e-go supports the patient with a special pelvic safety belt on stable brackets. This secures the patient's pelvic area, near the body's center of gravity, in a position suitable for walking. The upper body is not affected. Thanks to the balance function the secured pelvis can execute its function as a dynamic stabiliser in realistic situations and remains flexible in all directions.

Full Speed Ahead

The THERA-Trainer e-go is equipped with a drive block with an electric motor and 25 cm solid rubber tires on each side. The drive wheels move the THERA-Trainer e-go around at the set speed (0 – 3.5 km/h). 2 batteries (2) in the front part of the THERATrainer e-go supply the electric motors. A shock-resistant and easy-to-clean cover protects the batteries and the electronic control system. 

Everything Under Control

The THERA-Trainer e-go is very easy to operate using a control and display unit with a 2.7" color screen. The following training parameters can be set: Speed slow / fast, Direction left / right, Direction forward / backward. After the session, the unit displays exercise time, average speed and distance covered. Depending on the patient's cognitive skills, the therapist or therapy assistant can operate the unit. Safe operation is guaranteed at any time. There are three ways to stop the THERA-Trainer e-go: By pressing the STOP button on the control and display unit, By pressing the SAFETY-STOP button on the top cover, By one of the four safety bumpers on the basic frame (as soon as these hit an obstacle, the electric motors will stop automatically).

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